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From the studio of 

Melodye Rouisse-Stimpel

Melodye Rouisse-Stimpel started painting during her high school years in central Massachusetts.   Her early ambition was to become a medical illustrator, but life took her down another path.   With degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Education, her career has been spent in clinical research.  Today she continues to help pharmaceutical and medical device companies bring their developments through the FDA Clinical Trials process from her home office in St Augustine, Florida ... and office which is also her studio.  

Not long ago, Melodye and her husband Thom were at a favorite vineyard, when she spotted an apron she had to have !  It featured an illustration of a wine opener with the words "Screw it!" prominently displayed.  That quickly become her painting apron.  So today, when the rigors of corporate life get to be a bit too much, she spins around in her chair, turns off the PC, silences the phone, dons "Screw It" and unwinds with a brush or pallet in hand.  What better way to relax?

Melodye works in a variety of mediums, shifting from one to another as inspiration - or a newly discovered process - guides her.   Below, and on the Gallery page, you find examples of her work.   We hope you enjoy the site, and please feel free to reach out to Melodye with questions.


During 2020 Melodye's work focused largely on acrylics, utilizing a pour method, then hand embellishing with a brush or pallet or even twine, then applying a resin to the finished work to cause the colors to "pop".  A very popular piece she painted in 2020 is "Rogue Wave", below.


Inspired by a winter scene at the family home in New England, "Bittersweet Window" is a water-

color that captures a popular spot for winter birds to perch and snack on the bittersweet berries growing on an old trellis


"Birch Regatta" is another New England-inspired work.  The pastel captures a regatta from the shores of Squam Lake in New Hampshire, the famous backdrop for the Oscar winning movie "On Golden Pond".


"St Augustine" in a vase is a whimsical look at the highlights of our hometown in Florida.  The lighthouse, historic Castillo and drawbridge, the Bridge of Lions and the bay filled with sailboats. This piece used a variety of styles including an acrylic pour, resin and pallet work.



A sample of Melodye's work is on display every month at The Art Studio of St. Augustine Beach, at the south end of the pier park, 358 A1A Beach Blvd, St Augustine, Florida.  In addition, one Sunday every month, Melodye is at the gallery from Noon to 5pm with additional paintings.  Call us to find out those dates so that you can meet her in person and view lots of great art!

Great News!  Melodye is the Artist of the Month for July 2021

Over 20 pieces of her art will be featured in the entry gallery at the studio.

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